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Road Guardian

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Legal Litigation

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Funeral Cover

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Emergency Medical Services

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Digital Vouchers

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Debt Mediation

Debt mediation refers to a process in which a consumer and a credit provider negotiate the reduction of the consumer's monthly repayment commitments as well as the interest being charged,

Debt Review Assistance

No waiting period

Assistance debt review cancellation , debt settlement and relief

Up to 50% off cancellation fees

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Road Guardian

Roadside Guardian offers an armed roadside security protection to members to protect them from many dangers on the South African roads. In the event of the member being stranded next to the road following a roadside breakdown, and they feel unsafe and are in danger, an armed, highly trained security guard will be dispatched to the member’s location. A large, nationwide security network is utilized to assist members and make sure they are safe whilst they wait for a tow truck/response vehicle to arrive.

Access to security networks within a 50km radius of the major metropolitan areas

24-hour crisis center will dispatch the reaction units to the member’s location

The roadside Guardian will stay with the member until assistance arrives or at the time that the member feels safe and no longer require their services.

Terms and Conditions: 1. The Roadside Guardian service will not be dispatched to a place where the member is safe such as their residence, secure office, shopping center, public place etc. The 24-hour crisis center will evaluate the member’s scenario and determine if a reaction unit will be required; 2. Service is provided in selected areas of Johannesburg, Tshwane, Midrand, Cape Town, Paarl, George, Hermanus, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Bloemfontein, East London, Kimberley, Pietermaritzburg, Witbank, Rustenburg, Brits, Hartebeespoort, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Welkom and the Vaal Triangle; 3. Response times within the 50km radius varies between 15 and 40 minutes depending on the member’s location, acts of God, weather conditions, road conditions and traffic.

Legal Litigation

Very Important: To ensure that you are covered at all times, please have funds in your account when the monthly premium is deducted

1. General

No waiting periods.
24/7 Telephonic advice -when calling, the legal advisor will try and resolve the issue OR may advise that due to the complexity of the matter, he will have to study case law and revert back to you OR provide you with standard documentation and contracts as required.
Drafting of basic Contracts namely: Domestic Worker Contract, Basic Sale Contract, Power of Attorney, Rental Contract.
A half hour consultation, should the need arise for an attorney to deal with the matter further.
Reduced attorney fees for the member in the event of litigation.

2.1 Cover and benefits

Includes all the benefits Of General.
R120 000 legal expense cover per annum.
90 days waiting period.
Discounts on registration Of Family & Business Trust & Company to protect your assets from creditors.
Debt Review removal

2.2 Legal mediation

Settlement negotiations to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible.
Necessary Telephone calls on your behalf.
Necessary Letters/Faxes/Emails.
Review of legal documentation.

2.3 Criminal Matters

Process and bring a formal bail application covering the legal costs of the bail hearing only when arrested for: assault, reckless/negligent/drunken driving and culpable homicide charges.
R4,000 Bail on behalf of arrested -T's & C's apply

2.4 Family matters

Uncontested Divorces—Speedy settlements are the main object which will cause less Stress and financial Strain.
Advice only On Maintenance/Custody, Protection Orders.

2.5 Civil Matters

Institute civil action on your behalf OR defend an action instituted against you.
Prepare and serve a Letter of Demand, issue a Summons and obtain a Warrant of Execution.
Negotiate the removal Of a Black listing.
Obtain a Rescission of Judgment.
Dispute a Garnishee Order brought against you.
Collecting debt on your behalf.
Institute proceedings against service providers to ensure your rights are protected in terms of the National Credit and Consumer Protection Acts related to paying off accounts/defective goods purchased.

2.6 Criminal Matters

In the event that you must appear in Court, the legal adviser will refer you to a panel attorney in your area that specialises in that particular field —once matter is finalised, we will pay your legal bill.
Any matter excluded or those that originated before the Inception Date of the (date of premium), will be referred to as a "historical/old" case, may be attended too, on the condition that you pay the legal bill that is based on our reduced panel attorney tariffs'.

2.7 Exclusions

Traffic fines or any other fine.
Claims arising from political sources.
Patents & Copyrights, Conveyancing and Sheriffs costs.
Claims against your insurer, 3rd party Claims (Motor Vehicle Accident).
Interdicts and Defamation of character, Protection orders.
Apposed Divorces and Maintenance/Custody matters
Estates, sequestrations, administrations, business matters.
Any occurrence underwritten by another policy of the insurer.

2.8 General

Discount on property transfer fees of up to 10%.
A Worker's day payment holiday —If client has no claims by Workers Day each year, they receive the following month's premium for free.
Discount on attorney fees if matter is not covered by the policy.
Excess fee of R250.00 is payable with every claim.

Funeral Cover


Our standard benefit includes a predetermined amount of group funeral cover for the principal member, as well as their eligible spouse and children.


R35 / month


R65 / month

R10 000

R85 / month

R20 000

R110 / month

Emergency Medical Services

Evacuation from the scene of the medical emergency and transportation under medical supervision. Depending on the nature of the medical emergency and various other considerations such as the patient’s state and fitness to travel, distance to be covered and availability of the appropriate means of transport, transportation by a fleet of vehicles e.g. ambulances from the public and private medical services, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft is arranged. The patient is taken to the nearest most appropriate medical facility.


Home emergency refers to an unforeseen and unexpected event which requires immediate attention by an appropriate service provider to provide for the functioning of essential services and/or to limit consequential damage or sanitation risk. It might also be a situation which poses a security or safety risk or where maintenance support is required due to wear and tear of parts. The product comprises of 3 categories:

Category 1: Emergency & Maintenance Assistance

  • Electrical: Faulty lights/plugs, geyser no hot water, general electric wiring, burnt plug point, tripping DB board, no power
  • Plumbing: Blocked drain/batch/sink/tap/pipe, leaking geyser, burst pipe
  • Appliances:Microwave oven, Stove, Fridge, Freezer, Washing Machine, Tumble dryer, Dishwasher, Wall mounted Air Conditioner
  • Electric Motors: Gate, Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Garage door
  • Locksmiths: Unlocking of doors (Safes and Custom made Security gates excluded)
  • Other: Tree felling, Beekeeper, Snake catcher, Fumigation and Pest Control
  • Terms and Conditions: Call-out and labour of a relevant service provider, including cost of parts within the incident limit. Covers 3 incidents per annum: Up to R1000 per incident.

Category 2 : Handyman Assistance

  • The handyman service would include but is not limited to:
  • Fixing broken door handles
  • Replacing light bulbs
  • Hanging pictures
  • Moving furniture
  • Replacing moldy grout etc.
  • Terms and Conditions: Call-out and labour of a relevant service provider, including cost of parts within the incident limit. Covers 3 incidents per annum: Up to R1000 per incident.

Category 3 : Home relocation Assistance

  • The service provides the following benefits when the policy holder relocates to a new property:
  • Moving services
  • Cleaning services
  • Connection of appliances or a decoder/entertainment system.
  • Terms and Conditions: Covers 1 incident per annum: Up to R1000 per incident.

Digital Vouchers

Digital vouchers to a value established by the client. Vouchers to be offered to members monthly as long as they pay their membership on time.

Terms and Conditions: ExpertCom will receive a database of members qualifying for a voucher. ExpertCom will send a sms containing a digital voucher code for the member to redeem at the participating redemption partner.

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